Text Picker   version 3.2 (Windows 98 /NT/2K/XP)

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Get text data from internet on the fly. Save you LOT of time to build customer list or product catalog or something similar into a text file.

What It Can Do For You

1.  Pick text data DIRECTLY from a window of Netscape, Internet Explorer, Exchange or Outlook.

Picking Text From InterNet

2.  Collect text data in your own way. You can Add, Delete field buttons and Change button title:

set buttons

3.  View, Edit picked text:

View Text

4.  View, Save collected text data to MS Excel CSV file or delimited flat text file which can be directly imported to many popular applications such as: MS Access, Lotus 1-2-3....

5.  View, Save collected text as formatted record for immediate print out or other purpose.

6. Up to 100 fields can be populated, breaking the limitation of your screen size by scrolling around the field buttons.


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Windows 98/NT/2K/XP

(Please make sure you read the included file "readme.txt" before using the software)

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