Email Address Pro version 3.0.6

Collect and Manage Email Address for Your Business.

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Example: Use Email Address Pro to get all the email address from a selected newsgroup to Subscription list

  1. In Netscape, open the newsgroup.
  2. Use the menu command "Edit"|"Select All" to highlight all items in this group.
  3. Use the menu command "File"|"Save Message(s) As" to save all highlighted news item into a single html file, say C:\temp\untitled.html
  4. Use Email Address Pro to extract all email address from the html file to the Subscription list. Any email address which is already in the Unsubscription list will be excluded; and email address matched a pattern in the Excluding Email Address Pattern list will be filtered out.

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(Please make sure you read the included file "readme.txt" before using the software)

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