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Handy, easy, straightforward, useful utility software are just designed for you. Use them with your intuition. There is no need for user manual (though on-line help is provided).
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All utility software here are free to try. You simply download and run. If you like it, you keep it with a registration number. As a registered user, you get service in our Product Upgrade Program.


With one click, you get on-line information (E-Mail, Web page contents in a screen of Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer) to your MS Access database.

Save you LOT of time to build customer list or product catalog or something similar into your Access table.

Text Finder         FIND AND VIEW SO EASY !

Find text in any files of any folders or network neighborhood on your computer and view them right away. Up to 100 keywords, 100,1000 files, sub-folders, refined search and Window Explorer compliant file operations. Search result is reported in three forms: MS Excel, MS Access and plain text.

In the vast hard disk and network neighborhood, there is something that could be a piece of romance or business data. How can you find it ? Just type the keywords !

Text Picker         PICK UP ON-LINE INFORMATION !  

It lets you DIRECTLY pick up text information from EMail or any screen of NetScape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can easily organize the picked text in the way you want. Text data picked can be saved in delimited flat text which can be simply imported to most popular applications such as MS Access, MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3... You may also save it as formatted record for immediate print-out.

Save you LOT of time to build customer list or product catalog or something similar into a text file.

E-Mail Address Pro

Manages three email address lists: Subscription, Unsubscription and Excluding Email Address Pattern. You can increase email address in any of the lists by extracting from HTML files or Clipboard. It is an ideal tool for small business maintaining electronic contact to the customers.

Collect and Manage Email Address for Your Business.

E-Mail Address Extract

Extracts all E-Mail address in HTML files you saved from your Web Browser or from Clipboard. It checks duplication and lists them. You can save the grabbed E-Mail address list to a file or put onto Clipboard. The collected E-Mail address can be used with other E-Mail automatic tools.

Provided for your convenience but NOT for spam.

S-Music         Free !!!

An editor for simplified music notation. It is the first software of its kind. Simplified music notation is widely used in Asian Countries. It allows you to write music with various special music symbols and print it out.

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